Insurance Repairs

The services offered by Liebke Builders:-

  • High quality repair completion for both BAU & CAT Claims
  • Providing professionally presented Licensed Building Inspector reports allowing clients to make sound claim decisions based on fact. Examples of such reports are: Roof Inspections, Water Pressure Tests and Scopes of Work
  • Emergency 24hr Make Safes
  • Efficient Quote Service on all Trades
  • A joinery shop to manufacture kitchens, vanities etc in house so that costs and manufacture times can be monitored closely. Such services offer the customer the peace of mind and convenience of dealing with one company only during the repair process;
  • Prompt and Efficient processing/completion of Building Contracts or Agreements, with an emphasis on Customer Service;
  • Job Tracking system captures detailed records of all jobs from Receipt of Instructions through to customer satisfaction and Invoicing

BAU Claims

(Business as Usual (BAU) Claims) In providing for BAU claims, we are able to provide service from Gladstone down to the Gold Coast, and inland to Dalby. Liebke Builders offers BAU services as outlined in the following areas:

Metro – Full service for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Regional – Full service for Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Gladstone

In BAU claims we service areas from Gladstone to the border, and inland to Toowoomba, we offer full services such as providing scopes, make safes, specialist reports, tenders, BAU quoting and repairs.

In each of these areas we have foremen who service the area and each one is trained to provide a quality level of service, required by our head office. During times of increased volume, managers may be shifted to ensure service capabilities are met.

Liebke Builders offers BAU services as outlined in the following areas:

  • Metro – Full service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
  • Regional – Full service services for Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Gladstone
  • Rural – Services available for CAT situations

CAT Claims

(Catastrophe (CAT) Claims) – In relation to CAT services, we are able to service anywhere in Queensland under catastrophe situations. We are able to upscale suitably due to associations with different contractor groups. We know these contractors are reliable and we use them during catastrophe situations as they are readily available to do this work for us. We also have builders in some regional areas, which make it easier for us to utilise their services as well as their extended work with trades when required.

Emergency Make Safes

Liebke Builders offers a 24 hour, 7 day a week, Emergency Make Safe Service. Our Make Safe Hotline is manned 24/7 by one of our dedicated Building Supervisors, who is able to organise and co-ordinate a range of Make Safe repairs and services.


As part of Liebke Builders’ service, we have an internal Joinery Company and Factory, which allows us to control cabinet making costs and lead times. Bold Design Kitchens has a solid reputation for quality joinery and workmanship, for both Insurance Repairs and renovations/new builds.  At Bold Design Kitchens we offer assistance with layout and design, colour and material selection, hardware, and the right appliances.  By keeping our Joinery manufacture and supply in-house, Liebke Builders are able to pass on financial and timeframe benefits to our Insurer clients.

Feel free to head over to our Bold Design Kitchens website for further information –

Bold Design Kitchens Facebook page.